Commercial-rated overhead door

What is the Ideal Size for a Commercial-Rated Overhead Door?

Commercial-rated overhead doors typically have openings much larger than their residential counterparts. Martin Overhead Door of Greensburg, Ind., helps commercial, industrial and agriculture customers find the best overhead garage door for their facility.

Big openings for big commercial business

Commercial garages have different and bigger needs. Commercial garages can house everything from delivery trucks to forklifts, requiring much larger clearances than a typical family car. Standard residential doors might hover around 7 feet high and 8-9 feet wide, but a commercial-rated overhead door is in a whole other league.

  • Overhead doors: These workhorses of the commercial world can reach a whopping 32-feet wide and 24-feet tall.
  • Roll-up doors: These space-saving wonders are popular for their functionality. They can reach similar heights to overhead doors (around 30 feet) but boast even greater widths (up to 50 feet) because they coil upwards instead of swinging on a track.

Commercial-Rated Overhead door size impacts other factors

Beyond just accommodating larger vehicles, commercial door size is crucial for several reasons:

  • Efficiency: Warehouses and factories often deal with high volumes of traffic. A larger door allows for quicker loading and unloading times, keeping operations running smoothly.
  • Versatility: Imagine needing to move a piece of bulky equipment. A commercially-rated overhead door provides the necessary clearance for maneuvering without hassle.
  • Safety: Large clearances are essential for safety protocols in some industries. For example, a fire truck needs ample space to enter and exit a fire station without delay.
  • Energy efficiency: A properly fitted door will reduce the amount of energy that’s lost every time the door opens. That can be essential in industries where temperature control is crucial.

Finding the perfect fit

Just like your shoes, commercial garage doors aren’t one-size-fits-all. When choosing a door, consider factors like:

  • The size and type of vehicles entering the space
  • Frequency of use
  • The need for insulation or climate control

Custom commercial-Rated overhead door solutions

If your business needs a unique door size, you may have to consider a custom solution. Martin Overhead Door can ensure that your custom-made door meets your size requirements while adhering to industry standards for quality and durability.

Let Martin Overhead Door answer your commercial garage door requirements

A good overhead commercial-rated overhead door is imperative for a smooth and efficient operation. Trust the family-owned Martin Overhead Door for all of your commercial and residential garage door needs. Call us now at 812-663-9050 or contact us online.

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