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Retractable Screens Systems: The Next-Gen Screen Door

Retractable screens systems provide all the perks of the outside … pleasant breezes, fragrant smells, chirping crickets … with the added bonus of protection, shade, and privacy.

There’s nothing better than fresh air on a warm spring evening or cool summer night. You want the ambiance of the outdoors, but you don’t necessarily want to deal with nuisances like bugs or critters who are fascinated by the indoor lights. Fortunately, today’s next-generation screen doors provide sleek elegance and an unobstructed view of the outdoors without clunky equipment and doors that become jammed or squeaky over time. Martin Overhead Door is proud to be an exclusive dealer of Mirage retractable and motorized screen doors. Check out what’s available for today’s screen door consumers:

Retractable screens systems have hidden convenience

Screen doors have come a long way from the ones we remember. Instead of wrestling with a screen that wants to break up with its tracks, a retractable screen door is an insect screen that rolls into a compact housing. You’ll only see it when you’re using it. Otherwise, the screen door relies on a spring-loaded roller to easily retract into the unit’s housing.

Retractable screens systems are easy to operate.

You won’t have to fight with your Mirage retractable screens systems. When you’re ready to let the outside air in, simply pull on the Pivot Pro handle the allows you to easily reveal your Mirage screen door. When it’s time to close your doors, the Mirage retractable screen door slides back out of sight.

Sized for your needs

Are you seeking a screen for your single-entry door? Would you like something aesthetically pleasing yet user-friendly for your home’s sliding doors? How about a screen for your French doors? Mirage retractable screens come in three stock heights and widths that we cut down to fit your door’s opening. Choose from 108”, 98” or 83¼” heights, and 45”, 55”, or 64” widths. We also have custom sizing options to fit any opening.

Options for large openings

Does your home have French doors, sliding patio doors or other large openings? Maybe you have an open-air sunroom that is an open invitation to mosquitos and June bugs who want to pester your visitors during the evening hours. Mirage large opening screen doors are designed for these wider or multi-panel openings, expanding your entertainment options throughout the season.

Durable and easy to maintain

Mirage stands by its built-to-last mantra. By relying on sturdy materials like aluminum, strong springs and high-quality plastic, Mirage manufactures doors that are built to last for decades. They’re easy to maintain as well, only needing an occasional cleaning with detergent and water and periodic lubrication with a silicone spray. Because the Mirage retractable screen door is hidden when it’s not in use, it’s not as exposed to outdoor elements as an old-school screen door.

Martin Overhead Door has been a trusted family-owned business for more than 30 years. Now customers can find the same high standards and attention to detail in our Mirage retractable screen door offerings. Are you ready for the next generation of screen doors? Reach out to Martin Overhead Door now at (812) 663-9050 now to find out more!

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