My Garage Door Opener starts to close then goes backs up.

Check the safety sensors. 9 times out of 10 the sensors have been bumped, have something in front of them, or are just plain dirty. All these situations will cause the sensors to tell the Garage Door Opener not to close there could be an obstruction. There are indicator lights on the sensors which should be glowing steady. Re-adjust the sensors and you should be back in business.

None of my remotes work but the outside keypad and inside wall switch works.

Check the vacation lock out on the wall switch, someone may have pressed this button.

I can hear the unit running but it does not open the door.

Check the emergency Release Cord which may have been pulled by mistake. Re-engage the motor and press the button again.
Check manual locks on garage door and make sure they have not been engaged. This will damage both your door and the opener.

My outside keypad stopped working.

Check the batteries. These are battery operated.

My remote stopped working.

Check the batteries. These too are battery operated.

I heard a loud bang my door opened/ closed and now the door won’t move with or without the Garage Door Opener.

Check your springs on the door. These must be in good working condition for a door to operate. They should be checked several times a year for wear and tear.

My door shimmies when going up and down.

Check the rollers and sheaves. A door must have smooth operation or you will damage your Garage Door Opener.