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What are the Standard Sizes for Garage Doors?

Standard sizes for garage doors really do exist, regardless of dramatically varied styles installed by Martin Overhead Door. What if you have an out-of-the-ordinary overhead garage door in your home? No worries! We work with customers to create the perfect-fitting overhead garage door.

Your overhead garage door selection offers more than curb appeal, although that’s a nice benefit. Did you know that overhead garage doors can give you the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to investing in your home? If you’re planning to stay put in your home for a while — or if you’re looking to get a great return on your investment — consider updating your home’s overhead garage door with something new. We have a convenient breakdown below of standard sizes for garage doors to help you determine whether your garage door is standard or extraordinary:

Standard Sizes for Garage Doors: Single overhead garage doors

Does your home have a single-car garage or a multi-car garage with separate garage doors? Here are some of the typical standard sizes for garage doors that we carry:

  • Standard: The most common size for a single garage door is 8-feet wide by 7-feet high. This size is ideal for a standard car or small SUV.
  • Large: Houses built in recent years may have a wider single door, measuring 9-feet wide by 7-feet high. This offers extra wiggle room for larger vehicles or additional storage space.
  • Less common: There are also single garage doors available in heights ranging from 9 to 12 feet. These taller doors can be useful if you plan on storing taller equipment, like a riding lawn mower, in your garage. Some manufacturers have these wider doors in stock, but you can also purchase one as a custom order.

standard sizes for Garage Doors: Double overhead garage doors

If your garage has room for two cars, you may either have two separate single overhead garage doors or one wider garage door for both bays. Some homeowners may be pleased to discover that the column separating their two single garage doors is not weight-bearing and can be removed to make room for a double overhead garage door. Double doors typically have similar dimensions. Check out these standard sizes for garage doors:

  • Standard: The standard size for a double garage door is 16-feet wide by 7′-feet high. This size is ideal for parking two standard vehicles side-by-side.
  • Taller: Double garage doors can also be found in 8′ heights to accommodate taller vehicles.

Custom sizes

Sometimes your home vision doesn’t fit the standard sizes for garage doors. If you have a non-standard size garage opening or a specific need for your garage space, custom garage doors are available in a wide range of sizes.

How to measure your garage door

These dimensions mean nothing unless you know what size garage door your home currently needs. At Martin Overhead Door, we are happy to measure your garage space to ensure that you choose a fitting overhead door replacement. But if you want to check out the numbers and give us a call, here is what we are looking for:

Width: Measure horizontally from the inside of your garage door opening.

Height: Measure vertically from the highest point of your garage door opening to the garage floor.

Other measurements: It’s helpful to know these additional measurements as well:

  • The width between the door opening and the side of the garage.
  • The distance from the top of the garage door opening to the garage door ceiling.
  • The distance from the opening to the rear of your garage.

Other size considerations

If you’re building new or remodeling your home, you may want to adjust your garage door size to accommodate your family’s vehicles and storage needs. For instance, you may be happy now with your cute little sports car. But if you’re planning a family, you might want to make room for a minivan! Fortunately, standard sizes for garage doors can accommodate your changing needs.

Martin Overhead Door is a leading garage door provider serving the central and southern Indiana and northwest Cincinnati areas. Let us help you find an overhead garage door that meets your aesthetic and functional needs. Give us a call at 812-663-9050 to start a conversation.

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