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What is the Average Cost to Have a Garage Door Installed?

Average cost to have a garage door installed? You’ve probably “Googled it,” and that’s what brings you here. It’s tempting to look for cost-saving measures when you’re faced with replacing your garage door. Today’s information highway is crammed with online ordering options that may seem like a steal if you compare the listed prices to what your local garage door company can charge. Do your research before you hit the “buy now” button. Martin Overhead Door of Greensburg, Ind., can break down the hidden costs of garage door installation. 

What’s in a garage door installation?

Garage door installation is an extensive process. First, your garage door professional must assess the condition of your garage, confirming the size of your door opening and pinpointing any obstructions like outlets or overhead lights. Then they must remove the existing door and arrange to have hauled away.

Other important steps in garage door installation include:

  • Installing the drive unit that will lift and lower the garage door.
  • Adding the track for the new garage door.
  • Attaching the motor to a strong beam in the exact center of the garage.
  • Connecting the motor to your existing electrical system.
  • Installing infrared sensors to the sides of the opening to detect objects obstructing the door’s path.
  • Connecting the door to the opening system and programming your remote control.

As you can see, garage door installation is rarely a DIY project. Leave this one to the pros.

Garage door installation cost factors

Garage door installation in the central Indiana area can cost you anywhere from about $900 to more than $1,600. Why is there such a range? A lot depends on the size of the door and the number of doors you’re installing. A door for a one-car garage will cost less than a door for a two-car garage. A single door installation will be easier on the wallet than a double door installation. A custom size door installation will cost more than a standard size door.

Brand new garage doors – like a garage door in a new home or an added garage bay – can cost more to install than an existing garage door, simply because you may be able to reuse some of the components of your existing door. Your Martin Overhead Door technician can assess the current hardware and advise you on whether you want to reduce certain hardware or replace everything.

If you’re in the market for a new overhead garage door, trust the company that focuses exclusively on garage doors. Martin Overhead Door can walk you through the various garage door openings, and our transparent pricing tells you the bottom line before you sign on the dotted line. Find out more at or call us at 812-663-9050.

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